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Bali loving.

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A few months ago, Ben and I travelled to Bali for the first time and had a wonderful time. It’s no wonder Australians travel there so frequently, there is a lot to love about the place, especially the wonderful people.

It was boiling each day, my hair was loving the humidity (..not!)

We stayed at the L Hotel, it’s a gorgeous boutique hotel that is in the heart of Seminyak. The staff are AMAZING; seriously, they were the most genuinely kind and caring people I have ever met. Some staff that weren’t even working on our departure date, popped by to say goodbye – so sweet.

The hotel is decked out with the finest facilities, cable television (including channel E!), Kiehl’s products (not cheap, and yucky toiletries – everything is quality Kiehl’s!), copious bottles of water, a gorgeous rooftop bar and restaurant and their own spa – L’Spa, where you can get an luxuriously relaxing massage!

The accommodation at L Hotel is absolutely wonderful and really well-priced, I recommend anyone to stay here if visiting the beautiful Bali!

But I also have created my top 10 things to do whilst in Bali!

Rochelle Currie and Ben

At the Rice Paddies in Ubud.

Rochelle Currie

Swimming in the infinity pool at the Semara Resort in Uluwatu!

Rochelle Currie The W

The view of The W Hotel Seminyak – so stunning.

Rochelle Currie Ku De Ta.

The gorgeous lanterns at Ku De Ta.

photo 1

The Balinese sunset view from the L Hotel rooftop.

Lunch at La Lucciola – delicious Italian food, and impeccable service.

  1. Cocktails at the W – relax and enjoy the stunning view of Bali whilst lounging in one of their comfy daybeds.
  2. Dinner at Ku De Ta – delicious food, delicious cocktails, amazing views. Need I say more?
  3. Lunch (or Dinner) at Mamasan – eat here as much as you can, because it is BEYOND delicious, and their lunch specials are so well priced!
  4. A visit to Potato Head Beach Club – delicious food for any meal, and make sure you go during the day for a swim in their amazing pool with their DJs playing!
  5. Visit the Monkey Forest and Rice Paddies in Ubud – it’s a great cultural experience and the fields are absolutely stunning.
  6. Visit the Samara Resort in Uliwatu and enjoy a leisurely swim in their picturesque infinity pool or head down to Finn’s Beach Club for a stunning ocean experience.
  7. Get some shoes or clothes made – Bali has amazing leather, so it’s a great opportunity to have some new wardrobe items custom made, just for you!
  8. Massage at L’Spa – definitely one of the most relaxing massage experience I have ever had, I went back three times during our week long stay!
  9. Bali has some amazing organic food spots, so make sure you pay them a visit and nourish your body! My favourites were Cafe Zucchini and Earth Cafe, so delicious and good for you!

And that’s all! x


It’s 12am in LA

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Ready to board my flight – the seed espadrilles I’m wearing are like heaven for your feet!


The BEST latte from the Qantas First Class Lounge.

We made it to LA!

Although we’ve spent most of our day resting and trying to beat the horrible feeling of jet-lag, I am so excited to be here! The city of West Hollywood is incredible, and looks exactly like what you would have seen in movies and pictures. I can’t wait to explore more of beautiful California in the coming days, especially Malibu, San Francisco and of course the Hollywood Hills.

We were extremely blessed to have had a really smooth and wonderful flight here with Qantas on one of their A380 aircrafts. Let me begin by saying their on board service is incredible, it was my first time flying international with Qantas and dare I say we’ll never fly with anyone else. We were even more blessed to experience the First Class Lounge in Melbourne.

For those of you who have been debating about which frequent flyer program to go with, allow me to make your mind up about it; go with Qantas! The lounge is available for selected customers (see here for more details) and really showcases Qantas as a leading service provider.

Tomorrow we will be exploring the rest of the city and on Tuesday and Wednesday (we’re a day behind Australia) we will be going to DISNEYLAND! So much excitement, I will no doubt have many pictures to share with you in a few days time.

Please feel free to share any travel tips you have, for now enjoy the images so far.



Breakfast decisions with the amazing Spring Menu at the Qantas First Class Lounge.


The delicious and fresh spread available at the Qantas First Class Lounge.


And of course, the beverages.


A view of the Qantas First Class Lounge.


Who says no to a little champagne prior departure? Not me!


A cheese platter on board was one of the nicest little addition to out flight!


Somehow we managed to score this beauty (Ford Mustang) for 8 days, given that I had hired a Ford Focus and the lovely gentleman and Hertz got us this, Ben was VERY pleased!


My first latte in LA, served in a soup mug (but this was the smallest sized mug they had..!

Thurley Resort Collection


The lovely ladies at Thurley have been creating some incredible pieces over the last few months, and their Resort collection (which has just landed in stores) is to die for!

From white on white to monochrome, to print and bathers (their first collection of bathers, I might add), Thurley have definitely created a collection with pieces (you’ll definitely fall for more than one item) to covet.

Here are my favourite picks from the divine collection:


Some Monochromatic looks – perfect for Derby Day!


I love a bit of colour and print – perfect for the sunny weather ahead!


How gorgeous are the bathers? Love!


White on white and print are definite staples for the season!

So what do you think? Which piece is your favourite?


20 Days Away

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In ONLY 20 days, Benjamin and I will be jetting off to the land of the free, also known as; USA!

I know, it’s ridiculous how fast it came around right? I KNOW! I almost cannot believe it’s that close myself, and yet my handy little countdown app informs me that this is actually correct! With that in mind, I have to say; my saving skills are really going to have to get into gear in these last few weeks as there is much shopping for me to do.


San Fran!

Anyway so a little update on my itinerary, Ben and I were very lucky to get seats to see Jay Leno in LA and I have been informed of some fabulous shopping spots in SoHo and LA. By the way, if you have some tips for me, please send them through!

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that Qantas had some exciting news to share, well they do! They announced the extension of Select on Q-Eat to Premium Economy customers travelling on select international flights – including Los Angeles to Australia!



Select on Q-Eat allows travellers to pre-order their meal prior to flying – how great is that! This offers people more choice, including an additional dish available as an online exclusive on select routes – again, amazing right! Travellers with Qantas flying Premium Economy can now pre-order their choice of meal between seven days and 12 hours prior to departure via ‘Manage Your Booking’ at the Qantas website.


An example of a delicious dish!

Very exciting for Qantas travellers, I for one am super excited about their news! Just another reason why you should choose Qantas!


It’s getting close!

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Sorry for the overly excited posts, but the trip to USA is getting so close, and with all the buzz happening in New York with MBFW my excitement levels are ridiculously high! I am excited to be flying with Qantas who have some super exciting news to share with the public soon – I’ll be posting about that in a few days!

Although, I have a few dilemmas (surrounding the issue of some outfits as it’s both hot and cold in USA and I need an outfit for Halloween!) I have to say, I’m really looking forward to the festivities and the fashion that lies ahead in this trip! And of course the fact that I get to be a total tourist and eat my fair share of penut butter m&ms…

Anyway, back to some information and inspiration, here are some of my favourite street-style looks from New York Fashion Week.


Gorgeous Rashida Jones at Opening Ceremony. Image Credit: Styleite


LOVE her style! Yellow is a great colour on her! Image Credit: Huffington Post


It’s all in the monochromatic details – perfect. Image Credit: Global Grind


…And again! Image Credit: Global Grind


So Parisian Chic, and those Valentino Rockstuds on her feet are to die for! Image Credit: Global Grind

NYFW SS14 Street Style

Leopard Print = WIN! Image Credit: Huffington Post


Jessica Alba rocking the monochromatic look at DVF! Image Credit: Heat World


Jenna Lyons looking incredible at Celine! Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar


Kate Bosworth perfecting the minimalist look in Altuzarra. Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar


And last but not least, the amazing Olivia Palermo looking effortlessly chic at Rebecca Minkoff – the Hermes bag is the icing on this stylish look! Image Credit: Heat World

PS – What should I wear for Halloween in NYC!?!



In 60 Days…

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So I am very excited to say that in 60 days (I know, it seems like ages away but I know time will fly.. well I hope it does), I (and by “I” I mean “Ben and I”) will be travelling to USA!

I cannot tell you how excited I am, well given that I am counting down and it’s 60 days away should give you  a clear indication of my excitement, and yes I am EXCITED! We will be travelling to LA, San Fran, Vegas and of course – NEW YORK! We will be travelling at an interesting time of year as there will be sunshine and excitement in LA and Vegas and the coolness of Fall (or Autumn as we call it here in Australia) in New York. Plus, we will be in NYC for Halloween – how cool right? I love any reason to celebrate (as you would know by now)!

So with all of this in mind, it seems that I need to pack for almost every type of climate and I need your assistance with what essentials I need and where I should go. I also have not booked any accommodation yet, so if you know somewhere amazing to stay you must let me know!

So as usual, here are my ideas displayed pictorially.


Viva Las Vegas!


I will be achieving my childhood dreams by going to DISNEYLAND!


Hollywood, no other caption needed.


No we wont be staying here, but we will be visiting the bar at the incredible Chateau Marmont!


NYC – love.


NYC – so much LOVE.


A trip down Rodeo Drive, I hear is a must. With a bit of spending money at hand, I plan to buy one memorable piece from this iconic destination!


San Fran is likened to Melbourne quite often, can you spot the similarities here?


The Golden Gate Bridge – so excited to see this beauty!


Is this an incredible view of Vegas or what!


Take me to the Upper East Side.


The Met NYC – breathtaking.


Yes the little adventurer in me will come out to play at the Grand Canyon.

R x

Don’t forget to stop.


Life can get super busy, don’t you agree? You can go days, weeks and even months without speaking to people you really care about – not because you’re avoiding them but because you have simply forgotten, you are busy or you haven’t realised it yet.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as I am entering into a wonderland of sleep, my mind gives me a sharp reminder of someone I haven’t spoken to in awhile. So naturally, I reach to my phone to send them a quick “love & miss you” text, only to realise it’s 1am and my text will probably wake them and ruin their sleep. So I don’t send the text, hoping that my mind will give me a reminder the following day at a more appropriate time, knowing that it probably wont.

It amazes me at how the busyness of life can just take a hold of everything you care for and completely become the priority – whether it’s work, extra commitments or even a hobby, it has the power to completely overtake everything else that is important in your life. Sometimes it can be difficult to prioritize with a good balance, and yet in hindsight most people (I know I count myself as one), wish they did things differently.

So instead of waiting for a day off, the weekend or for a project to be over, why not set a reminder on your phone or computer and take just 5 minutes out of your day and use that time to remind people you care, give your parents or grandparents a call or even just write an email to a loved one. It’s only 300 seconds and it will make a difference to your day and overall well-being, I know that it has definitely made a difference to my own, plus it’s just 5 minutes so why not give it a go and see how it affects your day.

At the end of the day, there should always be time for those you love, whether you think they need it or not a simple message of love can help alleviate stress, give comfort and restore hope.

thank you.

thank you.

You have the gift of life, which includes the gift time, use it right while you have it.


It’s time to celebrate…again!


Guess what!

It’s my birthday this month, well next Tuesday to be exact and as usual I am very excited!

Party Hat

I love birthdays!

Birthday’s have always been an exciting time of the year for me, I anticipate the 23rd of every month to count down the months til my birthday; 10, 9, 8, 7 months to go I incessantly remind my loved ones – and sometimes even on their own birthdays. I’m kidding, I totally don’t do that…I think. If you follow my blog, you will know that I will take any reason to celebrate and make a party out of it, and as such have had a birthday party every single year, except for the years I couldn’t organise (i.e. age 6 and below), even at the young age of 7 I would start planning my birthdays – even convincing my parents to hire a function room at the local hotel to celebrate my 11th birthday. Crazy right? Well not to me.

As years have gone by, this has been a tradition I have continued, and as the number of my age gets higher, I get constant questions as to why I continue to celebrate my birthday.

“But parties are so expensive and time consuming to organise,” friend #1 would say.

“You’re not seriously having a party for your 22nd birthday Rochelle, it’s not an even age worth celebrating,” friend #2 would complain.

“A party, again?,” friend #3, #4, #5 and #6 would whine.

 I get that constant birthday celebrations are not for everyone, but for me I always feel so blessed to have made it another year, that I can’t help but celebrate my new age. With it always comes a new sense of identity, a renewed understanding of where I want to be in the year to come and of course PRESENTS! For those of you who know me, know that I loveeeeeeeeeee presents, it’s one of my love languages.

So in one week (July 23rd), I will be celebrating another year in my twenties. Another year that I have been blessed to spend time with loved ones, a year where I have enjoyed a job promotion, a year where I have moved homes, a year where I have laughed a lot and cried a little, a year where I have curbed my shopping addiction a little bit, a year where I have said I would get fit and actually did it, a year where I have realised how important family is and I look forward to a year of doing it all again.

So given that this post is really about all things birthday party related, here is my top 7 things to do if you are planning a birthday party!

1. Pick a date and time

A morning tea, luncheon, dinner or cocktail party are all very different events so pick something you (or the guest of honour) will love and make it amazing. Whatever you do, don’t pick a morning tea and make it a luncheon-equivalent event, there is nothing more irritating than a morning tea that starts at 12pm and finishes at 2pm – in my books, that is lunch time!

2. Decide if you want a theme and then make it happen

Alice in Wonderland is a great theme for tea party’s, the roaring 20’s is perfect for a cocktail party and a colour theme always compliments a lunch or dinner event well. Also, don’t get confused by the term “theme” and think that you have to coerce your guests into dressing up a certain way. If you choose to have a pretty pastel theme to decorate your party, let your event space do all the wowing and allow your guests to enjoy the well thought out and well matched theme. Of course if you are choosing to do a superhero theme, costumes are a must.


The theme always goes beyond the invitation and costumes!

3. Plan ahead!

It’s never too early to plan your celebration, and the great thing about planning ahead is that you’ll be able to collect items for your party well in advance and do it all in small parts so it’s not a big expense in one hit!

4. Food

There must be food, I’m not even going to elaborate on this one.

5. Cakes and sweet treats

As above.


Food and drinks are a must, but having them visually appealing is even better!

6. Decide how you want the time spent at your party

This one sounds a bit odd, but knowing how you want yourself and your guests to enjoy you party is crucial to having a memorable event. If you want there to be dancing, then make a playlist, find a dancefloor space in your room and make it happen. If you want there to be a special cutting the cake moment, decide what time you want to do this at and allow time for it to happen. If there is a prize for best dressed, then set a time aside to when this will be awarded – it’s rude to tell people to dress up for a prize and then not award one! This rule also applies to how you want to spend time with the people at your party – being the guest of honour often means that the time just flies and before you know it the party is over and you have had a deep and meaningful with one person the whole time – don’t ever do this! Your party is not the time or place to have that long awaited catch up with your long lost childhood friend, people have come to see and celebrate you, so make sure you prioritise your time and say hello to everyone there!


Cake is a must at a birthday celebration, scrap that; ANY celebration!

7. Have fun!

What’s a party without a bit of fun! Dance, sing, laugh and make new memories.


Make every occasional one that is memorable and beautiful!

So what party am I having this year? A high tea party and I am so excited, pictures will come I promise! 


A celebration and a sorry!

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First, let me begin by saying a BIG SORRY for the absence of my posts! I have had quite the busy few weeks and it has been a challenge trying to find a healthy balance between everything that is going on in my life at the moment – but it is all good things that are happening so I have a big smile on my face!

Okay back to my celebration part, on Sunday Ben and I celebrated one year of wedded bliss and we had a lovely relaxing getaway to Mount Beauty – and it was beautiful! If you’re not really keen on the idea, or have never really thought of it as a ‘real’ holiday, I encourage you to visit Australia for your next trip, our country sure is blessed with some beautiful landscapes!

We stayed at Birches Luxury Chalets where we were treated to stunning views, champagne on arrival, a fire place, copious DVD’s and some incredible wild life – some of which I never thought I would encounter in my life. We explored Mount Beauty and its surroundings during our time there and we saw a waterfall in Mt Bogong, ate dinner at Falls Creek and visited Brown Brothers winery on the way home, but I’ll get to that later on.

When you’re in Mount Beauty you must (and I mean must) visit Mount Beauty Bakery – if you’re anything like me and appreciate a good coffee and some delicious baked goods then look no further than here! I had to pop in before we did anything for our day and pick up a muffin, their delicious banana and fruit bread, a danish and a latte. Of course I ate all of the listed items, just pacing myself throughout the day – who wants to be on a diet whilst on holiday? Um not me!

You must also visit flour + water for a delicious pizza experience and Svarmisk – just do it and thank me later okay?

On our way home we stopped in Milawa and enjoyed a delicious feast at Brown Brothers Winery. I don’t even know where to start with how amazing this place is, but I’ll begin with the location itself. The winery is placed in a picturesque surrounding with beautiful trees, fountains and a rustic feel to the place. The food is incredible and everything on the menu comes with the complimenting wine – in fact the menu was created to suit the wines, not the other way around. The staff are incredibly knowledgable and do not make you feel inadequate if you’re not a seasoned wine connoisseur (i.e. me).

If you visit, you must try the salted caramel fudge – don’t ask questions as to why, just do it please! And visit the cellar, you can try the wines, learn about the flavours and purchase directly from the cellar, I treated myself to one purchase, when in Rome!

Now I promise I have some exciting things coming up and please, please, please forgive me for my lack of communication, I promise it won’t happen again!

Speak soon!

Oh and here are some pictures!


Our view at Birches Luxury Chalets


The fireplace! I love fireplaces.


You know you’re in the country when… this was our only hurdle whilst driving during our 6 hour trip to Mount Beauty!


Our happy faces when we found the waterfall at Mt. Bogong!


Cheesy shot of me with the waterfall!

photo 4

My lunch at Brown Brothers Winery – my picture does not do it justice!

photo 3

The wine glasses!

photo 2

Our yummy chocolate pie – we had this for dessert at Falls Creek.

photo 1

A stunning view at Mt. Bogong, Australia sure is a beautiful place.